The ".org" Basic Oil-Tanned Leather Bag

The .org bag for the ministry-Jehovah's Witnesses
SKU: The.orgBasic

Designed from field testing, this has everything you need for the new .org internet enriched ministry in a concise bag. Size 15in x 9in x 2 1/2in.Oil-tanned or glove leather choice.Larger pocket holds magazines, brochures, tablet, Bible. Smaller pocket for return visit notes or small tablet. Also inside are additional pockets for billfold, keys, cellphone.

In high crime areas can be worn on front as pictured or on the side. Adjustable shoulder strap, place for water bottle if you wish. Great for 1 hour or 12 hours in the ministry, your hands are free.

The best design we've ever seen.

Price: $56.50